Important please read before signing

The Customer acknowledges that in addition to the provision contained in page 1 and 2 of the rental agreement & notes above that the following provision will apply.

1. Fuel
  • Customer(s) must return vehicle with the same fuel level as what they received.
  • In the event of inappropriate fuel levels, customers will be charged for the difference in fuel levels as determined by the rental company plus an administrative fee of $50.00
2. Smoking
  • Customers are NOT ALLOWED to smoke in the vehicle.
  • There will be a $200.00 charge if found to be smoking in the vehicle, and an additional charge of $100.00 for every cigarette burn cause by the customer.
3. Vehicle Cleanliness
  • If vehicle is returned in a manner that cannot be cleaned with ordinary cleaning products, then there will be a $200.00 detailing fee.
  • No pets allowed in rental vehicles, if discerned there will be $200.00 detailing fee, plus an additional $50.00 administration fee.
4. 407 and other toll charges
  • If customer has their own transponder for 407, they should register the rental vehicle plates, as not to get charged by Estrada Car Rentals.
  • If charges for rental vehicle are found, then the amount plus an additional $50.00 administration fee is applied to customer credit card.
5. Parking ticket/red light camera’s
  • If receives any tickets while in possession of rental vehicle, he will be assessed the value of the ticket/fine, and an additional $50.00 administration fee. The aforementioned applies to all parking tickets, red light camera tickets and photo radar tickets.
  • Customers wishing to dispute any tickets in court must repay the fine and administration fee. If the customer is successful in court the amount will be refunded.
  • Customers who disburse their tickets before returning the vehicle will not be charged an administration fee.
6. Speeding Charges

Customer is responsible for any charges relating to the vehicle being impounded for 50km/h over posted speed limit charges. Including but not limited to impound charges, towing fees and damages incurred to vehicle and any fines placed on vehicle.

7. Insurance Steering/Early return
  • In the event the rental car is returned due to insurance company steering or if the vehicle is returned within 10 business days a $250.00 charge applies.
8. Vehicle Damage
  • Any Damage incurred on the rental vehicle while in the possession of renter, the renter will be held responsible for the cost of repair and length of time the vehicle is inoperable.
  • The repairs will be done at one of Estrada Car Rentals’ preferred shop, unless authorized by manager.
  • In the event of an accident renter will be responsible for all deductibles.
9. Ownership and Insurance
  • If the ownership and insurance documents are removed from the vehicle there will be a $50.00 charge to the customer (only applies if ownership and insurance are in the vehicle at the time of the rental)